About Fi2Pay

We redesign the way of fees management system.

We Fi2Pay empower the people to get educated regardless of fees payment problems. Now a student, parent, guardian or sponsor can pay the education fees with an ease of just a click away through Fi2pay website or application. We realize the lengthy institute payment system and came with a solution to ensure the fee payment every month with our easiest service We offer the best application to parents and students to pay their fees any time and from anywhere, so don't worry for late payment fines. Same time we offer the best fees management system to institutes in order to manage their fees more effectively and more accurately. So there is 100% fees recovery each month.


Fi2Pay offer scholarships to needy studentsWho are active and wish to learn, Fi2Pay fully support the students from books and and stationary to tution fees through Fi4needy scholarship programs.




Parents, Teachers and future of world.

Each person is student from the day they born and this world is the great university and each substance in world is teacher, from trees to oceans, from summers to winters and from day of birth to last day of life all people are learning something new.

We are living in the era of technology and science where human prove that they can touch the skies and discovers the depths of oceans but it's was not possible without a teacher, however a student learns thousands of things but it's not possible in that ease of time without any teacher. Most of people who are associated with private schools, colleges, institutes and universities may be paying their fees through traditional ways and carrying the tones of records for paid fees.

We are welcoming you to the future of fees management. The only platform for students, parents and institutions to resolves their fees paying problems. This fees paying application is specially designed for those parents who are busy in their daily life and want an easier way for fees to be paid and for institution owners who are busy in recovery of fees payment every month but still haven't find the true solution. This platform ensures you 100% of fees recovery every month and save parent from late fees fines.


We are also offering an online store for syllabus and stationary items including school uniforms, shoes and bags. Now a Parent don’t have to find the individual books for any class, you can easily find the set of syllabus at most discounted prices with free delivery included stationary, uniforms, shoes and all school related things through our online store.


Fi2Pay believe that education is right for all the people in the world, everyone has right to get the quality education at any level, there for our platform Fi4needy will remain engaged to find the right students who deserve the scholarship for free education, Fi2Pay will be fully responsible for fees and books for such students who can’t afford their fees but have wish to study more. We humbly requesting to those who can take a step to help those children may donate any amount, books, stationary or uniforms through our website of application.

Waqar Ali Soomro (CEO and founder of Fi2Pay)